All babies need their moms, especially in the beginning of their lives – and that includes animal babies as well.
Unfortunately, it’s not always possible for them to have their moms by their side. It was the case of the adorable pony in the video below. Rescuers found him after the pony had collapsed in the middle of the field because he was severely dehydrated.
Rescuers looked for the pony’s mom, but she was nowhere in sight. The pony needed immediate medical attention, so the people who found him took him to their equine sanctuary in Devon, England as fast as possible.
There, they gave him the antibiotics he needed, and, physically speaking, the pony showed signs of getting better. Still, he was extremely depressed and always looked scared. He was lonely and missed his mom, and although the volunteers showered him with love and attention, the pony still felt lonely, especially during the night when he was all alone in his stable.
Fortunately, one of the caregivers at the organization had the brilliant idea of giving the pony a jumbo teddy bear to keep him company. The pony’s mood improved significantly after that. Take a look: