If you ask me, dogs pick up on a lot more than we think! They can sense when we’re sad, when we’re nervous; they can even sense when we’re about to do something we shouldn’t. Sadly, by the time they feel something is wrong, it’s usually too late for them to do anything.
Case in point: the video below. In it, Max the dog and baby Hollis share a moment that has the internet dying of laughter. The two are best friends and enjoy doing everything together, but there are some things that are unacceptable, even among friends.
For Max, one of those things is poop. The dog is extremely tolerant and is willing to accede to a lot of things, but he won’t stand for his little friend pooping next to him. How can we know? Well, it’s pretty easy to tell from the dog’s hilarious reaction.
If you want to get a good laugh just about now, this is for sure the clip you should watch. Also, don’t forget to spread the joy and share this with all of your friends and family online. We all stand to benefit from laughing more.
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