Recent news about a gay penguin couple who’re caring for an egg, has recently made waves on social media. Apparently, the penguins are not at their first attempt to have a chick, as they tried to “hatch fish and stones,” according to the zoo’s spokesman

Skipper and Ping at Berlin Zoo adopted an abandoned egg in July, after a sole female abandoned it, BBC News reported. While, you’re maybe asking if the gay penguins are able to care for the egg, well…it turns out they’re actually “model parents.”

“[The penguins] behaving like model parents, taking turns to keep the egg warm,” the Berlin Zoo spokesman Maximilian Jäger told the Berliner Zeitung newspaper. While zookeeper Norbert Zahmel added: “We just had to put it on the feet of one of the guys, and he already knew what to do.”

There are six penguins now at the Berlin Zoo, after the ten years-old Skipper and Ping have joined the group in April, this year, from Hamburg’s Hagenbeck Zoo, BBC News reported. And since the only female in the group shown no interest in caring the egg, the inseparable couple got their opportunity.

“A successful hatching would be great,” zookeeper Norbert Zahme said. The previous time a chick was born at the zoo, happened in 2002.

According to BBC News, gay penguins are pretty common both in captivity and in the wild. However, Skipper and Ping will be the first same-sex penguin couple with a chick, if everything will be fine with the egg hatching. However, it is unclear, so far if the egg did was fertilized.

“The thing is, we don’t know if the egg was fertilised,” Maximilian Jäger said. Anyway, we will soon find out as the hatching period is going to be end in September.

However, this isn’t the first gay penguin couple who’s desperately trying to have a baby. These two tried to steal a chick in order to become parents. Watch them in the video bellow!