It’s not uncommon for babysitters to form a special bond with the baby they are in charge of taking care of, but what the nanny in the video below did for a child takes things to a whole other level.
Kiersten Miles is only 22-years-old and was taking care of 9-month-old Talia for just a little over two months when she decided to do something extraordinary. You see, little Talia had a rare liver disease called Biliary atresia.
As Kiersten found out, the baby’s best chance to live into adulthood was a kidney transplant. Curious to learn more about this condition, Kirsten started to research the particularities of the disease, as well as possible treatments.
That’s how she found out that someone could actually donate part of their kidney and possibly save the baby’s life. And that someone turned out to be her. She was a perfect match and decided to go into surgery to become a donor for Talia.
There are not many people in the world who would do what this incredible nanny did, so make sure to share her inspiring story with others who might appreciate it as well. This is unbelievable.