Authorities have identified the remains of another 9/11 missing person found at the World Trade Center. The New York City medical examiners’ office on Thursday said the woman is the 1,644th person to be identified nearly 18 years after the 9/11 sad events from the trade center’s Twin Towers. The person’s name, which is being withheld, was confirmed through DNA testing of remains recovered in 2002. This is the second new identification of a World Trade Center worker in 2019.

In June, officials identified a man whose remains were recovered in 2013 near the Deutsche Bank building, the New York Daily News reported. The medical examiner says that about 40% of the 2,753 people reported missing remain unidentified.The woman’s identification comes as two more retired FDNY members died of illnesses related to World Trade Center toxins breathed in at Ground Zero in the aftermath of 9/11 events.