The 1 Urgent Reason Why Mom Is Warning All Parents to Check Their Baby’s Toes

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to make sure your baby is safe and healthy. And that means acknowledging the fact that information is key. Staying informed about possible threats and educating yourself of possible dangers that you may not have even thought existed is essential.
The mom in the video below learned that she should always check her babies toes and fingers after discovering a strand of hair wrapped around her baby’s toe. Luckily, in her case the, discovery was made on time, and a specialists happened to be in the room when mom noticed that the baby’s toe was more than double the size of the others.
But in more severe cases in which parents don’t notice this for days and days in a row, a single strand of hair wrapped around a toe or finger that goes untreated can actually lead to amputation. And because there are no other symptoms other than the baby acting inconsolably, it can easily fly under parents’ radars.
This is something that every parent and anyone who has a child in their care should be aware of, so make sure to share this so that the information reaches as many people as possible.

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