Seven years astray: missing dog reunited with owner, thanks to microchip

Honey, a dog that had gone missing near San Antonio, Texas, remained untraceable for seven years until last week when she was finally reunited with her owner. The City of San Antonio Animal Care Services discovered a microchip in a stray dog that led them to Honey’s location. The microchip was registered to an individual who had adopted Honey several years ago, according to a Facebook post by the shelter.

After the city animal shelter found Honey the dog, they contacted her owner and administered routine medical care. While Honey was receiving her initial shots, the shelter received a call from her owner who was already at the Animal Care Services (ACS) front office to reclaim her.

A staff member then brought Honey into the room to see if she recognized her long-lost owner, and to everyone’s surprise, Honey’s owner “burst into tears,” fell to her knees, and held her in her arms. When the shelter workers asked how long Honey had been missing, the woman replied, “Almost seven years.” The shelter credited the microchip for reuniting the pair, and encouraged pet owners to consider having them installed, which is a service offered by the shelter for just $5 for residents of San Antonio’s neighboring communities, compared to the approximately $50 cost at most veterinarians nationwide, according to WebMD.

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