12 men audition together, bring house down with their chilling rendition of “You Raise Me Up”

Many wannabe singers try out their luck at Britain’s Got Talent hoping to get that one big break to skyrocket their career and put them on the map for fortune and fame. But not everybody makes it.
It takes having that something special to impress the judges – especially Simon Cowell – and win the hearts of people watching the show at home.
Well, the incredible men in the video below have all the qualities needed to succeed in this career they’ve chosen. They have the necessary talent, the right personality, and why not admit it, they are not hard to look at either.
The Kingdom Tenors showed up for the auditions ready to raise the roof, and that’s exactly what they did with their chilling rendition of “You Raise Me Up.” All the members of the jury could do was acknowledge their immense talent and send them straight to the next stage of the competition.
This song is one of the most-covered of all time, but these young men managed to give it a fresh sound that will surely make you want to listen to it over and over again.
Enough talking. Hit play!

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