This 5-year-old is about to be adopted by new family

The process of adoption and discovering a forever family is inherently heartwarming, and integrating Disney princesses into the equation elevates the experience to a more magical level. In a Grand Rapids, Michigan courtroom last week, everyone present was astonished as seven princesses and Prince Charming made a special appearance to show their support for Danielle, a five-year-old princess recently adopted by Jim and Sarah Koning.

Caseworkers adorned themselves as fairy godmothers, complete with wands and tiaras, creating a courtroom setting perfectly suited for a princess. Even the judge embraced the festive spirit, wearing a princess-themed dress beneath her robe to commemorate this joyous occasion. Sarah Koning, Danielle’s adoptive mother, expressed the family’s elation at reaching the end of the arduous adoption journey, with Danielle’s princess surprise adding an extra layer of significance to the day.

“It was something we had been anticipating for a long time, so it was already a remarkable day, but it became even more extraordinary,” Koning shared with TODAY. “The presence of the princesses enhanced the experience for her, and it’s a memory she will carry with her throughout her life, understanding that she is loved and in the right place.”

The princesses conveyed their best wishes to Danielle in her new permanent family and joined in the celebration of the adoption during the hearing. Reflecting on the challenging adoption process, Koning added, “Because of the contentious adoption, it was a long road.” She expressed being taken aback by the entire experience and emphasized how unforgettable it would be for Danielle.

“We just feel privileged to be able to have these two children and nurture them, teach them, and love them,” Koning concluded.

Danielle's Princess Adoption Day from Samaritas on Vimeo.

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