Neglected dog lived a life without love — until actor stepped in

The Humane Society of the United States rescued Juliette from a dog farm in South Korea. Poor Juliette was neglected and living a loveless life with her days numbered. But thanks to the efforts of the rescue team, she and many other dogs were flown to the United States to start brand new lives. Now, Juliette has the chance to experience love and care in a safe and happy environment.

Actor Daniel Henney was captivated by Juliette’s sweet nature and couldn’t resist taking her in for a second chance at life. As a supporter of the Humane Society International, he knew that he could make a difference in the life of this Golden Retriever.

Now, Juliette is thriving in her new home, hanging out with her furry sibling, exploring the outdoors, and enjoying walks to the lake. Her rescue is a testament to the power of support for organizations like the Humane Society, and there are countless other dogs like Juliette who need our help and compassion.

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