US forces suffer significant loss, 6 Green Berets fall while America cheers or cries over the election

While the larger part of Americans were cheering or challenging the 2016 presidential decision, an extremely select few paid a definitive give up. The saddest part about their give up is that the lion’s share of America was excessively bustling congratulating itself or smoldering Donald Trump models to take note. Prior this week the Green Beret Foundation discharged the characteristics of the fallen alongside the accompanying message on Facebook.


(image source; Facebook/Green Beret Foundation)

“From the desk of the GBF’s Executive Director:

There is no need for a lengthy post attempting to appeal to you to get you to support these men and their families and to get you to understand that they are in dark corners of the world and even their training is very dangerous. The pictures of our Fallen pretty much say it all.

Two 10th Special Forces Group Green Berets killed in Northern Afghanistan.

One 7th Special Forces Group Green Beret killed in scuba school (Green Beret training) in Florida.

Three 5th Special Forces Group Green Berets killed in Jordan.

Six Green Berets killed in 48 hours last week.

Six new Gold Star families.

One Foundation solely committed to these Green Berets and their families.

Green Beret Foundation

De Oppresso Liber
Jen Paquette”


Presented above are Captain Andrew Byers, 30, and Sgt. Five star Ryan Gloyer, 34. Both died in battle amid a firefight with Taliban compels in Kunduz, Afghanistan.


Staff Sgt. David Whitcher, 30, died in a jump accident off the shoreline of Florida. His demise is presently under scrutiny.


Staff Sergeants Matthew C. Lewellen, 27, Kenfin J. McEnroe, 30, and James F. Moriarty, 27, gave their lives in battle against Jordanian security powers at the Prince Faisal Air Base doors. Taking an interest in Operation Inherent Resolve, these men died battling a war that a large portion of America has totally overlooked. The Taliban has not left, and our warriors haven’t quit battling.

Every one of the six men have given their lives in support of their nation. The slightest we can do is remove a minute from our day, delay, and respect their yield.
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