Abandoned dog saw a man in a kayak and knew he was his only hope

Comparable to young children, domestic canines too, rely heavily on human beings for their survival. Their independent capabilities are limited, particularly when resources become scanty, placing them at the risk of starvation. A heartbreaking instance of this was seen with a poor dog, whose survival was hanging by a thread until a hero arrived in the nick of time!

The hero, a compassionate man named Fernando, was out on a kayaking adventure when he stumbled upon a tiny island. The sorrowful whimpering echoing around struck his heart. The sight that met him next was even more distressing – a dog, desperately skinny and in dire straits. Realizing the urgent need for intervention, Fernando knew he had to act swiftly if the dog was to survive.

To rescue the dog, Fernando formulated a plan to persuade it to climb onto his kayak. As he guided his kayak towards the shore, he was met by the delighted puppy, who seemed overjoyed by human company. Considering the dog’s starved state, one can only wonder about the length of its lonely existence on the island. In Fernando’s own words, despite the grim situation, the dog’s face radiated joy at finally seeing another being – a solace it had long been praying for!

The dog’s non-stop wagging tail indicated its past association with humans. The thought of someone intentionally abandoning this poor creature on this island was disheartening. Now, the biggest hurdle for the rescuer was to get the dog onto the kayak as the animal was petrified of water. Being alone on an island surrounded by water and yet being terrified of it – an unfathomable ordeal!

After some initial hesitation, the dog mustered enough courage to venture near the kayak. However, the slight movement of the vessel sent it scurrying back. Fernando, realizing that there were no other alternatives, decided to physically place the dog onto the kayak.

Once securely onboard, Fernando embarked on a 2.5-mile journey towards safety. Upon reaching the mainland, they awaited the arrival of the rescue team.
The rescue team’s immediate priority was to take him to a vet to address his severe malnutrition and advanced mange condition. While waiting, Fernando showered the dog with ample affection – pets and hugs galore.

After ensuring the dog was in safe hands, Fernando took his leave, promising a visit soon – a promise he fulfilled five days later. The dog, now christened Jack, was staying in a foster home and was delighted to see his savior, Fernando. Jack, recognising his rescuer, expressed his joy and gratitude through excited tail wags and jumps.

Once Jack is deemed fit by the medical professionals, he will be available for adoption. Given his friendly demeanor, finding him a loving home shouldn’t be difficult. We owe our heartfelt gratitude to Fernando, who went out of his way to ensure Jack’s survival. The entire saga, packed with empathy, courage, and hope, is a must-watch. Click play on the video below!

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