After 20 years behind a desk, adventure seeker starts business leading hikes in the mountains

One day, David Fatula made the bold decision to abandon his career and follow his passion for the wilderness. As the founder and proprietor of Guineafowl Adventure Company, he currently leads guided hiking tours in the White Mountains, liberating himself from the confines of desk work forever.

One day, David Fatula made the decision to leave his conventional career behind in pursuit of his love for the great outdoors. Now, as the proud owner and operator of Guineafowl Adventure Company, he spends his days leading guided hikes in the picturesque landscapes of the White Mountains. No longer confined to a desk, Fatula has found his true calling amidst nature’s wonders. Leading treks through the rugged terrain of New Hampshire’s White Mountains, he has transformed his lifelong passion for hiking into a dream job. This career path is a far cry from what Fatula envisioned for himself just a few years ago.









David worked as assistant distribution manager, had a job as an accounts payable clerk at a Cambridge-based developer, then he found himself in the world of real estate.
During his tenure in the real estate industry, Fatula gradually rekindled his love for hiking and trail running. It was during his early twenties that Fatula’s then-girlfriend, now his wife, introduced him to obstacle course races, reigniting his passion for outdoor activities. Engaging in Spartan races, mud runs, and various obstacle course events, he continually pushed himself to achieve greater distances and faster times.

Every spare moment outside of his office hours was dedicated to trail running, racing, hiking, and climbing. Therefore, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck and thwarted any potential investment prospects for Fatula’s company, he already sensed the need for a change.

Initially, Fatula harbored doubts about the profitability of his concept—a guided hiking company. After all, one of the most appealing aspects of hiking is its solitary and cost-free nature. However, as he began conversing with individuals beyond his circle of trail runners, he grasped the inherent value of his idea.

Many individuals express interest in exploring the outdoors, particularly in the White Mountains, but lack the knowledge of where to begin. This is where Guineafowl steps in. Presently, the company offers 16 distinct guided hikes catering to various difficulty levels, while also providing essential guidance, equipment, and roundtrip transportation.

Initially, Fatula doubted the viability of his idea—a guided hiking company—given the inherent appeal of hiking as a solitary and budget-friendly activity. However, upon engaging with people outside his trail running network, he recognized the intrinsic value of his concept.










Numerous individuals are eager to venture into the outdoors, particularly in the White Mountains, but may lack the expertise to embark on such adventures. This is precisely where Guineafowl comes into play. Currently, the company offers 16 unique guided hikes tailored to different difficulty levels, accompanied by essential guidance, equipment, and roundtrip transportation services.

Following two years of guiding hikes, Fatula attests that his initial fear of turning his passion into a profession would diminish his enjoyment of the outdoors has proven unfounded. Recently, Fatula completed a 36-mile trek along the Taconic Crest Trail, spanning regions of New York, Massachusetts, and Vermont. Despite his extensive experience, the majestic beauty of the White Mountains continues to awe and inspire him.

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