This airman’s fiancée finds out she is pregnant, so he sends him a game to break the news

Many couples nowadays use video as a medium for a pregnancy announcement. All these clips are special in their own unique way, but this one might seriously be the best announcement ever.
When this woman found out that she was pregnant, her first impulse was of course to share the happy news with her fiancé, the baby’s father. Problem was, her fiancé who is in the Air Force, was on mission thousands of miles away. So, after thinking about it for a while, the woman decided to get creative and share the news in a way the man will never forget.
Because their wedding day was set in April 2016, she decided to send him a package. He told him the package contained an engagement game and that he had to record himself while playing the game so she could see the expression on his face.
When the package got to him, the man made sure to follow the instructions, and once he completed the game, he found out the game actually had a deeper meaning and that he was going to become a father.
His reaction will likely put tears in your eyes.

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