Army Of Cows Stand In Perfect Circle, But Moment Music Starts Crowd Erupts Into Fit Of Laughter

Whether we like to admit it or not, high school events halftime shows are usually used as an opportunity for audience members to go to the bathroom or refill on snacks. But the drill team in the video below was determined to keep people entertained throughout the duration of the show, so they came up with a hilarious concept that surprised everyone in the room.
Instead of going with a traditional choreography, the students injected some good old-fashioned humor into their performance, and the result is going viral. Dressed in massive cow suits, the students made everyone laugh with their hilarious dance moves.
To top it all off, there was a huge banner behind them which said “Eat More Chicken.” There is no way of knowing if their hilarious approach will actually convince people to eat less hamburgers and more grilled chicken, but it definitely helped avoid a snooze fest at the event.
Judging by the audience’s reaction, they loved every second of the team’s ingenious performance.
If you need a good laugh just about now, then this is the video for you. Take a look and don’t forget to spread the joy by hitting that Share button.

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