Adorable moment 5-month-old baby joins family dogs in howling battle

If you’ve ever had a dog, then you know that they can start howling unexpectedly whenever they hear a sound that entices them. It can be something as surprising as a sound they hear in a commercial or even music that plays on the radio. And when the howling starts, it’s bound to wake up the whole house.

Larry Woods

It’s usually pretty annoying when it happens, but for some family members, it’s an open invitation to have fun. Such seems to be the case of the five-month-old baby in the video below. You see, when the family’s pet dog started howling out loud, the baby took it as a challenge, so he quickly joined in and it all turned into a howling competition that made dad want to reach out for the camera.


For almost a minute, the adorable baby and the competitive dog went back and forward with their howls which got louder and louder every single time. If you’re in need of a good laugh just about now, make sure to take a look at the hilarious interaction captured in this clip.

Take a peek:

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