Baby is so sleepy, but it’s his pet dog that made mom race for the camera

As any parent will tell you, young toddlers can fall asleep pretty much anywhere. They can fall asleep as they eat, they can fall asleep on the floor, in their chairs, and the list could go on forever. But have you ever seen a child fall asleep on a dog?

Well, here’s your chance! The adorable video shows an even more adorable baby find the best place in the house to take a nap, and the images are going viral. Dressed in his cozy pajamas, the baby boy is clearly tired and could barely keep his eyes open.

Slowly but surely, the child finally gives in, and after swaying back and forth for a little while, he falls asleep right on the family dog, his best buddy. Although it was clearly not the most comfortable position for him, the dog stuck by the baby’s side, offering him a soft and warm place to get his nap.
If you ask me, this is how true friendship looks like!

This is such a beautiful bond they share; it will definitely warm up your heart in an instant! Share this with all of your friends and family online.

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