Boaters rescue exhausted puppy found swimming alone in middle of ocean

While boating offshore the Florida coast, this group of friends came across a really unexpected sighting. They have all been baffled to see a dog swimming all alone right in the middle of the ocean. Surprised at first, the quick-thinking boaters rushed to rescue the poor dog. The moment was captured on camera and shared online!

TikTok user @bryncrowell was enjoying a sunny on a boat with some of her friends, when they spotted the distressed pup swimming for his life. They initially thought it might be some sort of marine creature, but when they got closer, they just realized it’s a dog. It is when one of the guys leaped into water and rescued the helpless dog.


Soon as they have taken the dog – a Jack Russell Terrier – on the boat, they’ve noticed he had a collar around his neck, so they assumed someone just had thrown him into the water, or maybe he got lost. Either way, the kind boaters were ready to gave up their trip and look after the dog’s owner.


Thanks to the collar he had around his neck, the dog named Zuko was shortly returned to his devastated owners. The rescuers just dialled the number found on the dog’s collar and they have learned a family was desperately looking for their missing dog.

Watch the moment these boaters leap into water to rescue the poor Russel Terrier!

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“We called the number on his tag, went 20 minutes to the next inlet, and returned him. The owners were crying and thankful he was safe, gave us $300 for gas to get there and as a thank you,” TikTok user @bryncrowell later explained. “Was 100% not staged and we are happy we saw him and were able to save him.”

The owners were so happy they have been reunited with their beloved Zuko, and promised to be more careful next time. As it turned out, they were also on their boat, when the curious Terrier jumped into the ocean. However, he got scared and swam away from his parents boat.


“Once we noticed he was missing we all searched the boat thinking he was hiding in one of the rooms with his bone,” the owners wrote. “So then we kept going up and down where we had traveled trying to retrace our path but we had no luck…”

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