Boy loses his dad to cancer, breaks down in tears when he sees the surprise outside his house

The most precious gift we can get for Christmas is not something you can buy from a store and have it shipped out to your door. The most valuable gift anyone can get is time with their loved ones. Being with the people we love and create new memories is by far one of the main reasons to look forwards for the holidays.
Unfortunately, not everybody gets to be with their family for Christmas. Jett and Jace Kellogg, recently lost their dad Boe to cancer. Losing a parents is painful and hard, regardless of how old you are, but it’s especially difficult on children.
Kids like Jett and Jace need all the support they can get to begin to heal after such a tragedy and start to look forward towards the future again. Fortunately, there are plenty of kind people who are willing to help out.
Fox Five News’s Surprise Squad decided to surprise the two young boys and offer them a day they will never forget. The look on their faces when they realize what the surprise is will make it impossible for you to hold back the tears.
You may want to grab a box of tissue, because this is tear-jerker.

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