Brother Wants to Adopt His Little Sister After Dad’s Death, Finds Out His Wife Is against It

The inner turmoil of a man contemplating the responsibility of caring for his younger sister was unveiled in a post discovered on Reddit, which had been shared multiple times.

The original poster (OP) had a strong desire to support his wife to the best of his abilities, but she held different intentions.

The original poster (OP) and his wife had been married for two years when the sudden passing of the OP’s father left his younger sister without a guardian.

Given the significant age gap between the OP and his sister, he often found himself in a parental role rather than just an older brother.

At the time of their father’s trip, the OP’s younger sister was only eleven years old.

The OP and his wife had not planned on having children and had no immediate intentions of starting a family. This presented a challenge, especially in light of their recent loss.

Facing the aftermath of a devastating loss, the OP and his family were confronted with challenging decisions, which unfortunately led to unexpected tensions. In the words of the OP:

“My father succumbed to pancreatic cancer. We had two options for my sister: either I would take her in, or my uncle, who is my dad’s brother. So, we asked my sister who she preferred, and she chose me. Here lies the problem: My wife and I had firmly decided that we did not want to have children.”

Both the OP and his wife recognized the significance of the decision at hand and believed that the young girl should have a say in determining her new home. Ultimately, the child chose to reside with the OP and his wife.

However, the OP’s wife had been clear about her desire not to have children, and it was evident to her that taking in the sister would essentially mean they were welcoming a child into their lives.

The wife argued that they shouldn’t adopt the child because her uncle had already undertaken that responsibility. Since the sister had expressed a preference to remain with her uncle, and considering the potential challenges she might face in adapting to life without her parents after their father’s death, the OP decided not to press the issue.

This resolution left both the OP and his wife profoundly dissatisfied. Eventually, the OP informed his wife that he intended to let his sister stay with them, whether she approved or not. He even stated that their continued resistance would lead to divorce, resulting in a prolonged period of silence between them.

In a subsequent update, the OP disclosed that he and his wife had reconsidered their decision to divorce. He added, “She mentioned that I am essentially choosing my sister over her.”

The OP affirmed to his wife that her understanding of the situation was indeed accurate and indicated that he had no intention of revisiting the matter. He emphasized that his current priority was taking care of his sister, marking the final conversation between the OP and his wife.

Additionally, he shared, “I’ve been residing with my sister for a week now,” and acknowledged the challenges of assuming a fatherly role for his younger siblings but expressed his affection for it.

Many commenters on the original post commended the OP for his decision to support his sister and criticized his wife’s insensitivity in refusing to provide a home for a homeless teenager.

For those among the thread’s readers who were parents, it served as a reminder to establish a will designating a guardian for their children in the event of their untimely passing.

Another individual shared their own experience, recounting how their half-sister had brought them back to their childhood home after their parents’ passing, only to make it evident that they were unwelcome there. At the age of 15, the person decided to run away, and neither their half-sister nor her spouse paid any attention to their departure.

One user believed that the OP and his wife should have pursued a divorce, as it was likely that any hostility towards the sister would become apparent if she had stayed in the household.

Another individual, who did not have children themselves, expressed that they would also consider this situation a deal breaker.

Some individuals supported the OP’s wife, acknowledging that she recognized her own limitations and might not have been equipped to care for a child going through such profound trauma.

Another commenter pointed out that if the OP’s wife had taken on a role in raising his sister, she would be compelled to assume a maternal position, even if she didn’t desire it.

Yet another poster mentioned that they typically would side with the wife, but in this particular case, they couldn’t, as they believed the wife had been unjust to both the OP and his sister by making the accusation that he favored her over his wife.

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