This cat putting herself to bed is the definition of independent

If you’ve ever had a cat, then you know how independent they are. And by independent I mean they will never do what you say. Good luck trying to get a cat to stay where you out it, cuddle when you want to, or sleep when you want to.
Well, the owner of the cat in the clip below doesn’t have to worry about his cat not going to bed at night. That’s because she actually puts herself to bed every single night, and it’s even more adorable than it sounds.
The cat even has her own miniature version of a bed, with bedding and even a miniature stuffed animal with which she sleeps. The cat knows all the steps when it comes to preparing herself for bed, and even has a bedtime routine that she sticks to – most of the time, you know, when she is not busy making plans to take over the world.
So if you have trouble getting your cat to sleep during the night, maybe you should try making her a bed that’s similar to yours.
It doesn’t get more adorable than this. So if you were planning on only sharing a video with your friends today, this should be it.

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