These Celebrities Just Made An Anti-Trump Video For The Ages

There are just a few days left until America will choose its next presidents, and both candidates are doing whatever it takes to ensure they will get as many votes as possible on the day of the elections. Both sides have well-trained people in their campaign staff who are highly qualified to influence people’s opinion and score more points for each candidate.
However, it’s sometimes people from outside their campaign staff who have a lot to say that can change people’s perception and influence the end result of the campaign. Especially if they are celebrities that many people appreciate and look up to.
Rachael Bloom, Moby, Elizabeth Banks, and a whole lot of other actors and singers, took part in a project meant to remind America of what’s really at stake in this election and get people to make what they think is the right decision.
The video is clearly a reminder of the many flaws Donald Trump has showcased over and over again during this election.
And although the video is extremely funny, the message it conveys is very serious and important. It makes some strong points, and it’s a great reminder of just how critical the result of this election is going to be.
Watch it now!

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