Celine Dion Begins Singing Christmas Classic, And No One Else Can Come Close To Her Version

When it comes to listening to Christmas music, “The Christmas Song” seems to be an obvious choice, right? This classic Christmas song was written in 1945 by Bob Wells and Mel Tormé, and an odd fact about it that not a lot of people know is that it was actually written during a blistering hot summer in an effort to “Stay cool by thinking cool.”
Originally performed by the legendary Nat King Cole, the song was recorded in different versions by many artists throughout the years. Every version is special in its own kind but few performances manage to stand out like the one by Celine Dion.
Captured in the video below, the performance took place at the famous Rockefeller Center in New York City around Christmas time and it is pure magic. Celine Dion’s graceful yet powerful voice perfectly contemplates the lyricism of the song is a way that will blow you away. Also, the elegant, festive décor brings it all together to create that ideal Christmas atmosphere.
If we’re talking about Christmas music that warms up your heart and soul, it doesn’t get much better than this. Please share this so that others can enjoy this breathtaking performance as well.


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