Couple Hopes to Adopt Newborn, Then Husband Walks in Crying with News About Birth Mother

Matt and Katie were excited to start their family and have a baby. But after not being able to fulfill their dream of conceiving a baby of their own naturally, the two realized that there was only one option if they were to ever have a baby: adoption.
They didn’t take look to decided that this was the best option for them, so they started the adoption process right away within their home state of North Carolina. They hoped the formalities to go on smoothly and be able to meet their son or daughter as soon as possible.
After all the adoption paper were filled out, Matt and his wife received the call that they have been waiting for a really long time. They found out that their baby was brought into this world that same day, and that their biggest dream of becoming parents was finally going to become a reality.
The touching video below documents their journey from first making the decision to adopt to getting to meet their baby girl, and highlights the beauty of adoption.
There are so many kids in this world who need a loving family, but stories like these send a hopeful message. Please share it!

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