Dad Starts “Beat Boxing” For Son, But It’s Baby’s Reaction That Is Melting Hearts Everywhere

A video showing an adorable baby dancing to her father’s beatboxing is getting plenty of love and attention online these days, and it’s really no surprise why so many people are going nuts over it.
First of all, dad is actually a pretty skilled beatboxer, and he clearly has a passion for this type of music. But the highlight of the video is, of course, his son’s amazing reaction to his impromptu performance.
Although the baby is still too young to express himself using full sentences, it’s obvious by his reaction that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree and that he likes beatboxing, just like her dad.
The excited baby bops his head to the rhythm of his dad’s beatboxing, almost falling out of his seat with excitement. The baby then stops dancing when the tune stops, and asks his dad to do some more of his awesome beatboxing.
This baby boy can’t wait for his dad to drop the beat and continues dancing and clapping in sign of appreciation. It’s always nice to see a father and son interact and spend time together in such a beautiful and musical way.
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