Doctors tell Mom that baby will only survive a few days. 12 years later, she’s a living miracle

Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley has had a pretty rough start in life. At birth, the girl weight only 2.5 pounds and was measured at 11 inches. She was so tiny she could easily fit in the palms of her parents.
The girl suffers from a condition called primordial dwarfism. Kids born with this condition unfortunately have a very short life expectancy, and Kenadie also experienced complications at birth.
Even so, her parents knew from the first second they’ve laid eyes on her that Kenadie was a fighter. And although doctors told them to prepare for the worse because it’s very likely that the girl won’t make it out of the hospital alive, they kept hoping and praying.
Despite the fact that the odds were stacked against her, Kenadie went on to prove the doctors wrong. She is now 12-years-old and going strong. She and her parents are taking each day as it comes. They don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but that doesn’t stop them from enjoying like and making the most out of every day they get to spend together.
Kenadie is definitely a very special girl and her strong desire to live and defy all odds is truly inspiring.

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