Man starts singing ‘Lion King’ song, his donkey joins him and the footage goes viral

What started as a silly joke, turned into an absolutely viral moment, for this donkey owner in Sumter, South Carolina. Travis Kinley wanted to film himself singing The Lion King song – The Circle Of Life, by Elton John – next to his donkey Nathan. But little did he know, the talented animal will join him along the way, turning them both into internet sensations.

Facebook/Travis Kinley

Nathan, who was a trouble-maker for his previous owners, according to his now singing partner, never showed his musical skills before, so you can imagine how surprised Travis was when his donkey joined him all of a sudden! Nonetheless, the man kept singing, accompanied by his four-legged friend in the background.

Facebook/Travis Kinley

“I got him from about the North Carolina, South Carolina line. He was causing some trouble at someone else’s house and I just picked him up for 100 bucks, he seemed alright with me,” Travis explained. But, I had no idea Nathan would bray. you can see in the video I’m actually shocked when he does it! He’s brayed before, but never like that!”

Facebook/Travis Kinley

Despite the hilarious result, Travis wasn’t shy to share it on Facebook. And it is so good he did, because the video went viral with over 6 millions views, and that just on Facebook. The man later admitted, it all started as a joke. “I pulled my phone out and started recording and he started braying next to me,” he told Live 5 News. “I think he just saw me being loud and he knows he’s a loud animal and he thought we’re two peas in a pod so let me be loud, too.”

You can watch the funny moment here:

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