How These Donkeys Say Goodbye To Their Friend Is The Most Emotional Thing You’ll See Today

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy. That’s why airports are one of the most emotionally-charged places in the world. All goodbyes are hard, but the hardest ones take place when the separation is permanent. The thought of not seeing someone you love ever again is just excruciating.
Animals can also feel this emotional tension. No matter what some people might think, animals have feelings and are capable of understanding what’s going on around them. And the donkeys in the video below are just one more example that this is true.
The emotional video shows several donkeys gathered around a follow donkey that had just passed away. As their human caretakers make preparations to take the dead animal away, the donkeys have the most unbelievable reaction. As if they completely understood the gravity of the situation, they start making all kinds of strange sounds to say goodbye. What’s more, one of the donkeys, most likely the herd’s leader, bites his dead friend in a desperate attempt to wake him up.
According to the clip’s brief description on YouTube, this is how a herd reacts when one of their own dies before its time.

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