Farmer Walks into Chicken Coop, Then Discovers Confused Hen Brooding Tiny Kitten

The maternal instinct exists in most animals, but sometimes it can cause moms to get a little bit confused when it comes to whom should this powerful maternal instinct be directed towards. It’s the case of the compassionate hen in the video below that had mistaken a scared kitten who somehow made its way in the chicken coop with one of her soon-to-be-born chickens.
As you probably know, when a chicken lays eggs, their instinct is to sit on them to keep them nice and warm until the moment comes for them to hatch.
But instead of sitting on her eggs, this chicken saw a tiny little kitten in need of someone to keep her warm, and decided to help her out. The kitten didn’t seem to mind. In fact, according to the farmer who shot this video, the hen’s gesture most likely saved the kitten’s life.
The temperature outside was pretty low for a small kitten, so if the hen hadn’t taken it upon herself to offer her some motherly protection, there was a chance the cat wouldn’t have made it through the night.
Animals’ kindness never ceases to amaze me. This is amazing!

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