FedEx man’s secret act of kindness for widow gets captured by security camera

There is nothing more difficult then losing the person you love the most. And like this isn’t hard enough, there is the added pressure of picking up where they left off as taking care of the kids and raising them alone, or managing the house.

Leigh Ann Skoda is currently experiencing all of these hard times, after her beloved husband passed away. But with all of her grief she still found a reason to smile and to be grateful. The reason is nothing but a random act of kindness from a FedEx delivery guy.

When her husband, Adam passed away at only 42, he left behind not only a grieving wife but their three children as well. Since then, Leigh Ann tried her best in order to manage everything. Recently, Brian Scholl, who works as a FedEx driver around her area, saw Leigh Ann struggling to put air in her tires. She asked him for some help and the two chatted a bit. Upon learning about her circumstances, Brian told her to reach out any time she needed some help. However, Leigh Ann didn’t think much of it, and was grateful for the help.

But, recently a snow storm left Ann’s porch and sidewalk all covered in snow. With all her stuff, she hadn’t gotten to shoveling it.

Passing by with his truck, Brian pulled up to Ann’s home. He didn’t have a package or even ring the doorbell. In a small kind gesture he simply took it upon himself to clear the snow for her. Thankfully, the woman’s security camera captured the whole moment.

Touched to tears by his gesture, Leigh Ann shared the video to her Facebook page, publicly thanking Brian for his act of kindness. The video went viral with viewers applauding Brian for his kindness and thoughtfulness.

Not all heroes wear capes, some of them drive FedEx trucks and keep a snow shovel handy!

(h/t: InspireMore)

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