Elvis and his daughter will take your breath away singing “In the Ghetto” together

It’s no secret to anybody that Elvis had one of the best voices in the world. He is still one of the most famous people in the world, although he unfortunately passed away decades ago. But what many people might not have yet know is that Elvis’s and Priscilla’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley inherited some of her dad’s talent and has an incredible voice..
Lisa Maria Presley is Elvis’s only child. The two have had an incredible connection from the start, although, due to his incredibly busy schedule, Elvis was definitely not the kind of dad who would always make it home for dinner.
Still, Lisa Maria has publicly said time and time again that she respects her father for the incredible legacy he’s left behind – a legacy which she helps keep alive however she can.
She recorded a touching version of the song “In the Ghetto” in which she joins her father, a man we know as The King. She is definitely a talented singer, and the fact that she sings this song alongside her father, as if he would still be alive, only makes this song that more emotional.
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