Great Dane finds trampoline in the backyard – has everyone in stitches with his hilarious antics

Is there anything dogs can’t do? I mean; we’ve seen dogs riding skateboards, we’ve seen dogs belt out songs, we’ve even seen dogs who can put a baby to sleep in a matter of seconds. But have you ever seen a great Dane jumping on a trampoline?

If not, then this is your chance. The Dane in the video below loves nothing more than spending time outdoors, but unlike other dogs who would rather play fetch or go for a walk, he loves to jump on the family’s trampoline. One of the neighbors managed to catch him in action and took a hilarious video of the dog enjoying his favorite outdoor activity. Of course, the neighbor couldn’t resist the temptation to post the clip online, and we’re happy that he didn’t.

The expression on the dog’s face as he goes up and down on the trampoline is pretty much the embodiment of pure joy. Great Danes are super tall dogs, which only make this that much funnier. Although grace might not be this pup’s strong suit, he definitely knows how to have a good time and enjoy himself – even if there’s no one around to play with. Take a look:

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