Groom Interrupts Vows and Tells Bride to Turn Around. She Sees Singers’ Faces and Loses It

When two people truly love one another, they embrace each other passions and interests. What’s more, they support and encourage each other to do more of the things they love. It’s something the bride and groom in the video below believe in with all their hearts.
This is why when they got married, the groom decided to surprise his soon-to-be wife in a way that she will never forget. When Ollie and Liz decided to form a family, he knew that a large portion of Liz’s time, love and attention will go towards her students.
You see, as a dance and musical theater teacher, Liz puts a lot of energy and passion into nurturing her students’ creative spirit and guiding them on this exciting yet difficult path they’ve chosen in life.
And because her job is such a big and important part of her life, Ollie decided to involve Liz’s students into their wedding by giving them an important role in the event. The man secretly put together a plan to get all of her students to participate, and the result was epic.
The best thing, though, is Liz’s reaction when she sees her students! Take a look:

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