Groom Surprises Bride With Incredible Performance Of ‘My Girl’

If you’ve ever attended a wedding reception, and chances are you have, then you most likely know what to expect: dinner, cake, music and some dancing maybe. But the groomsmen in the video below decided to kick things up and surprise the bride, as well as the entire wedding party with a choreographed performance that left everyone cheering for them.
With My Girl from The Temptations playing in the background, the groomsmen all gathered on the dance floor to perform their routine, and their moves really kicked it out of the park. However, the center of attention was the groom who made sure his bride was in the perfect position to see him showcase his best moves.
However, the bride wasn’t the only one enjoying the performance. “My Girl” might be over 50 years old, but everyone invited at the wedding reception seemed to know all the lyrics and sang along with the song.
It’s always nice to see outside the box moments like these that do a great job showing that not all wedding parties need to follow the same recipe to be truly great. What do you think about this surprise? Take a look and don’t forget to Share!

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