Heartwarming image: a cat waits at the animal shelter door to be adopted

A heartwarming image.











A kitten was caught hanging on the door, looking through the transparent window, trying to catch the attention of potential new owners, at an animal shelter in Ottawa, Canada. The adorable feline was photographed in her cubicle, looking down the shelter hallway, ensuring she catches the eye of anyone seeking a cat.

The cat has become a star on the internet.

The image quickly went viral on the internet, with thousands of users expressing their sympathy for the little cat. ‘A picture that worth a thousand words. This cat is waiting to be adopted from the animal shelter’ wrote the user alongside the image.












The cat has not been adopted yet, but hundreds of people eager to take her home have commented on the post and asked to find out exactly where the shelter is located, in order to adopt her.

Meanwhile, other users have shared similar stories from other animal care facilities.

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