Husky gently teaches mini-human how to play in sweet footage

Doesn’t matter how hard the try is, there is no way to find a better duo than a dog and a baby. Apparently, mini-humans and pups are the best of friends. Regardless the breed or the temper, dogs are incredibly patient when around of a little baby. It is so much love and friendship between them and the time they spend together tend to only have one purpose : melting hearts.

Youtube/ Screenshot

Naturally, when a 7-month-old baby meets the family’s Siberian Husky, the result is pretty obvious – some great time for both of them and an adorable video with millions of views. You see, while some parents are afraid to allow their babies to play or even stay close to a dog, the reality is exactly the opposite. Dogs are much smarter than we think and they are incredibly gentle and caring when around a mini-human. And this heart-warming video speaks for itself.

Youtube/ Screenshot

As the little one is playing on a carpet in the middle of the room, a friendly Husky decides to introduce himself and the mom’s next move is to hit the record button. What comes next we may easily call happiness in a nutshell, because both the baby and the dog just can’t get enough of it.

Youtube/ Screenshot

The way this Husky is seeking to please his playmate is so sweet. Even the little one is painfully fixing his little hands into the dog’s dense coat, the dog seems so relaxed and he’s so careful in balancing his energy to not, somehow, injure the baby. Shortly after, an invasion of cuddles and kisses comes! Is there anything sweeter than this?

Watch the adorable moment in the video below:

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