His Job Is to Take Patients to Their Rooms, Captured Camera Footage of Him Goes Viral

The hospital is quite literally one of the worst places to be at. As a patient who is getting ready for a medical intervention, there are all kinds of thoughts that go through your mind. And most of them are not the kind of thoughts anybody would want to have.
Not surprisingly, many people are depressed, scared, and feel terribly alone. With family and friends not being allowed on the operating room or on the way to the operating room, it’s up to the medical staff to do their best to reassure and comfort patients.
And some of them take this part of their job extremely serious. One example is the dedicated man in the video below. His job is to transport patients in and out of surgery, but he goes well above his job description.
For over three decades now, the man does his best to make the whole patients’ experience as less traumatizing as possible. His goal is to create a familiar atmosphere and make patients feel comfortable. And the way he manages to do so is through music.
The man often sings to scared patients to help them free their mind. How awesome is he?

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