Just Released: Pentatonix’s Spine Chilling Rendition Of Favorite Christmas Classic Is Now Going Viral

By now, I think everyone would agree when I say Pentatonix have earned their stripes. Time and time again, they have proven their worth and their incredible talent. They are without a doubt one of the most inspiring and most talented A Capella groups in the world, but don’t think they are taking their success for granted.
If anything, the new songs and videos they release seem to be getting even better. And their latest rendition of a favorite Christmas classis is one of the best examples I can give you. Shot in a surprising décor full of interesting props, the clip takes viewers on an emotional journey towards the magic of Christmas.
As always, Pentatonix nailed the vocals and added a little bit of their unique style into the mix, thus managing to reinvent a song that many people know in its original version. With Christmas only a couple of months away, these kind of videos are spot on and will make you want to start getting ready for the holidays as soon as possible.
And if you love Pentatonix as much as we do, you’ll be excited to find out they are working on a special winter holiday album that will include renditions of some of the most iconic Christmas songs ever.
Until then, listen to this!

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