Lazy Dog Refuses To Leave The Park. Now Keep An Eye On His Owner! I Didn’t Think He’d Do THIS!

The dog of these images found most unusual way to tell his master he did not want to leave the park at all costs. To be more convincing was sitting in the grass and as the owner tried to pick it up from there, had little chance of success. The Golden Retriever is so lazy that they refuse to move from that place regardless of the insistence of his master. The man tried to convince the dog that walks in the park was finished and it’s time to go home together. But the dog does not want to hear about it, wishing heartily to remain in the park. Nothing turns him on one side or the other, nothing drags feet or leash; dog wants in no way to get up. After efforts by the owner, this idea comes to his rescue. Slowly approaching the dog stubborn and shows a small stick that holds teeth. This trick seems to work, managing to capture the attention of the dog that in the latter gets up and leaves. What dog funny!

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