Little Bird Can’t Stop Warbling ‘Addams Family’ Theme Song

Birds truly are amazing creature. Not only are they incredibly beautiful, but they are also extremely intuitive and smart. Also, some birds are known to have bubbly personalities which make them a lot of fun to be around.
Just take the cockatiel in the video below as an example. The bird loves to show off his skills whenever it sees his owner grab his camera to record it. The cockatiel’s favorite thing to do in front of the camera is to prove it has amazing singing qualities. Now, it’s true that birds are known for their amazing abilities to mimic sounds, but this bird sure keeps the bar pretty high.
The bird manages to whistle in perfect pitch the famous theme song from Addams Family! He even has the clapping part all figured out. Birds can’t clap, obviously, so the bird hits the floor with his beak to try and recreate the exact sounds. All you guys who might be worried that the birds might hurt itself doing this should know that a bird’s beak is actually pretty strong, so this singing cockatiel is perfectly safe.
All there’s left for you to do is sit back and enjoy the performance!

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