Little Girl Asks Daddy to Dance, Mom’s Captured Footage Is Going Viral

It’s always nice to see a father and daughter enjoying spending time together and doing fun things, right? Well, the video you are just about to see definitely falls in this category, and it’s bringing smiles everywhere!
Joshua Samarco and his doughty young daughter Austynn have a common passion for dancing, and although they have slightly different tastes in music, they somehow managed to make it work. Dad is more into country music and Austynn loves all the new music on the radio these days, but when it comes to spending time together, they compromise.
Well, in all fairness, dad is the one who ends up doing whatever his princess wants to do. That’s how he ended up doing an entire dance in front of the camera, a dance that Austynn choreographed to her liking.
Although he was clearly outside of his comfort zone, this cool dad managed to keep up with his punky daughter and show off his best moves. It’s not easy to master a routine like this, but these two managed to do it beautifully.
It’s obvious they had a lot of fun in the process, especially while rehearsing together, so more power to them!

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