Little Girl Knows What Virgin Mary Did 1st Christmas – And Has the Internet in Laughter

Most kids love Christmas and look forward to it all year long – and it’s really no surprise why. Christmas is when they get all the presents they wished for, when they get to stay up later than usual and play with their friends and family, and when they can eat more sweets than usual.
But have you ever wondered how much do kids actually know about the true meaning of Christmas and what we celebrate during this very special day? Well, Jimmy Kimmel decided to find out what was kids’ vision on the story of Christmas and sent a few reporters out on the streets of Hollywood to ask children of different ages to share their thoughts on this matter.
The kids’ answers were totally unexpected and precious. This is one more proof that kids really do have a unique way of seeing the world. Some of these answers were so creative that they could actually be turned into a Disney movie or something.
Curious to know how these kids imagined the first Christmas to be like? Sure you do, so make sure to watch the clip until the end to watch all the awesome answers. This is adorable!

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