Little Girl Tells Dad She Got “Engaged,” But Instant He Sees the Ring He Loses It

It’s not uncommon for kids to do things that leave their parents scratching their heads. From asking weird questions to which you don’t know the answer to making inappropriate comments in public that make strangers assume you are a bad parent, kids do all sort of stuff that we’re not ready for.
But the little girl in the video below takes things to a whole new level. Although she is not even old enough to go to school, the little girl already has a big announcement to make. According to what she told her dad, she’s getting ready to get married – and she even has the ring to prove it.
As you can imagine, her dad is having a hard time accepting the situation, but if you ask me, he’s actually taken the news quite well. Or maybe the ring convinced dad that things are actually serious!
That’s because, believe it or not, the boy who proposed to his little daughter actually used a real diamond ring that he stole from his mom to get her to say Yes. Of course, the ring won’t stay on the little girl’s finger for too long, but you have to give her “boyfriend” credit for going to extreme lengths to make things official.

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