This Looks Like a Picture of an Old Woman, But Take a Closer Look

These days, anyone can take a decent-looking photo with their high-performance phones. But making a painting look like a photo? Well, that’s a lot harder to do.
An illustrator and digital artist who calls himself Stonehouse has managed to do an incredible thing, all by combining his native talent for drawing with an innovative digital illustration program. Using classic, fine art techniques and software, the artist managed to illustrate this amazing journey that is life through a series of expressive portraits that follow the many ways a person changes throughout the years.
It’s absolutely breathtaking to see the way a newborn baby transforms into an elderly woman, all under five minutes. The years go by so fast, so it’s easy to see why so many people related and were impressed by the visuals of this powerful video.
But beyond the powerful message it conveys, the amount of details and work that went into this project are extraordinary. To ensure continuity of the portraits, the artist needed to careful study every single detail, from the woman’s eyes expression to her hands.
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