Man plays the piano, but Simon has no idea the real show is happening behind him

The best thing about talent shows such as Britain’s Got Talent is the element of surprise. You never know who is going to walk on stage and what kind of talent are they going to showcase. It’s what keeps people in front of the TV season after season after season.
When 33-year-old Nicholas Bryant, a client manager by day, stepped on stage, people in the audience weren’t exactly sure what to expect. There was a piano on stage so most people as well as the judges assumed he is going to play the piano and maybe add some vocals into the mix.
Everybody was expecting it to be a one-man show, but what happened next took everybody by surprise. As it turned out, Nicholas Bryant had an incredible surprise up his sleeves during his audition.
His performance turned into a professional show that left everybody speechless. It’s safe to say judges were more than impressed by the man’s efforts.
Now, I don’t want to say more because it will ruin the surprise for you, but I’ll say that you should definitely take a few minutes to watch this video until the end. Take a look and don’t forget to share!

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