Man repairs fence to contain dog, hilarity ensues seconds later

Life is full of unexpected surprises, especially when you have a dog to make things more interesting. The video below starts up pretty promising with a man taking pride of a job well done. You see, the man had put a lot of effort and time into fixing his backyard fence.
The goal was to build a fence tall enough so that his dog wouldn’t be able to run away from the yard no more. After spending an entire day working on this project, his work was finally complete.
“Yep, just completed fixing this fence,” the man says on the video. “Pretty proud of it, I’d have to say. Try to keep Stella in the yard.” But his joy and contempt were short-lived.
Towards the end of the video, his dog Stella can be seen happily running around in the yard. The first thing Stella decides to do is put the fence to the test. Well, unfortunately for the man who spent an entire day building it, the fence was no match for Stella’s strong desire to explore what’s outside the backyard.
The dog’s behavior is so frustrating that it’s actually funny! You need to see this!

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