Man Sings Emotional ‘Hallelujah’ To His Bride, Then She Sees 2 More Microphones In The Audience

The wedding reception might be the one everybody is thinking about, but it’s actually the wedding ceremony that is the most emotional part of the wedding.
Seeing two people who love each other tremendously say their vows in front of God and all of their loved ones is bound to make people get emotional – especially if there are special moments like the one shown in the video below.
The beautiful surprise this groom put together for the woman he loves most in this world will definitely make you tear-eyed too. The man decided to sing a powerful song for his bride, “Hallelujah” which happens to be one of their favorite songs ever.
The man’s talent and heartfelt performance would have been enough to create a memory that no one would be able to forget, but the groom decided to take things even further and involved two of his best friends who joined him!
The way their voices sounded in the church will give you goosebumps; that’s for sure!
This has to be one of the most beautiful wedding surprises ever! Take a look and don’t forget to share this with others who might appreciate this as well.

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