Millions of people’s hearts melt at the sight of a mother dog that passed away after giving birth

Following the delivery of her litter, the mother dog is receiving attentive care to facilitate a speedy recovery. However, the situation is quite serious due to the fact that she had already experienced a significant illness prior to giving birth.

The story of Juligal, a mother dog who passed away after giving birth to four exceptionally beautiful puppies, has touched the hearts of millions. Despite receiving more than 5 hours of attentive care, the mother dog ultimately did not survive, leaving behind her newborn offspring who were left without their mother.

It’s hard not to get emotional when witnessing the beauty of new puppies being born. Raising a healthy dog is already a tough task, but assisting your pet through the birthing process is even more challenging and requires a lot of hard work. After reading this post, we might be able to learn how to love, value, and treat dogs with greater fairness.

Pregnant dogs require extra care and attention leading up to the moment of delivery in order to ensure the mother is healthy and prepared. Have you ever assisted your dog during a delivery?

While most dogs are able to give birth naturally, there are certain breeds such as Bulldogs, Boxers, Chihuahuas, etc. that may require extra attention and care during delivery. Additionally, some dogs that are overly pampered by their owners may also experience difficulties during the birthing process. The ease or difficulty of a birth can also depend on factors such as the mother’s health or other objective circumstances.

Giving birth to a dog is a crucial process that requires not only knowledge and understanding of canine reproduction, but also a set of specific skills that only human hands can provide. Therefore, it is recommended to seek the assistance of specialists or veterinarians to ensure that your dog receives the necessary care and attention to ensure a successful delivery and that the mother and her puppies are healthy and well taken care of.

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