Their Moving Song for “Mom” Is Bringing Everyone to Tears

Nothing can ever compare with the bond between a mother and her children. Even before she brings her babies in the world, a mom forms a connection with them, a connection that never ceases to exist.
It’s hard to depict this incredible bond with words, but the song you are just about to listen does an excellent job capturing the idea of motherhood. The lyrics are powerful and compelling, and the melody is there to perfectly complement them.
The song is by Home Free, and even if you are a fan, you will be completely taken away by how good their voices sound on this song.
The images showing different moms interact with their children complete the video. You can see the love in the mothers’ eyes, making this video one of the best ever made! It’s heartwarming to witness so much kindness and love, even if it’s only via video.
Make sure to grab a box of tissues before you hit play, because there’s no way you can watch this and not get tears in your eyes. Also, make sure you have your phone nearby; you’ll want to give your mom a call after this!

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