No one wanted a dying 16 year old dog from the shelters

No one wanted to adopt this sad 16-year-old dog from the shelter. He was just a skinny dog with matted fur, even missing in some places.

But things were about to change for Bear. A family came to the shelter and decided to give him a chance. And apparently, all Bear needed was a little love and care, because this is a transformation that’s hard to believe.
This is a picture of Bear’s shelter card. Just an old dog who needed a little help.

His journey to freedom.

Bear’s first day at his forever home! ?

Now named Norman, the dog found some nice places to take a nap.

He loves to take a naps!

And like any other dog, he loves food. He has a good life now!

He was looking better and better with each passing day.

Norman just needed a little love.

Being rescued offered the senior dog a new perspective on life – and a new look!

Adopting a dog doesn’t just save their life, it makes it much better! And this story is the living proof

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